Useful website for members

National Website:

The union’s national website contains a vast amount of useful information on all issues facing the union

London UCU Retired Members Branch:

Another UCU Retired Members Branch website.

68 is too late:

The campaign is organized by several trade unions around having to work until 68 years old. We think it is a worthy cause to support.

National Pensioners Convention (NPC):

The NPC promotes the welfare and interests of all pensioners, as a way of securing dignity, respect and financial security in retirement. UCU is nationally affiliated as is the East Midlands Retired Members Branch. We send representatives to the national organization and also locally. The Campaign is supported by almost all Trade Unions as well as individual members.

East Midlands NPC:

A more local website for the NPC


They are the major charity working for the elderly and offer a huge amount of helpful advice. They have spoken to our meetings and provided excellent up to date critiques of services provided for pensioners.

Independent Age:

Advice and support for older people. Clear and succinct advice on all issue for the elderly. An independent charity.