Roles and functions for retired members branches

The branch committee has drawn up  a list of roles and functions of the retired members branch. These will be discussed at the next branch meeting in March.

✶      To represent the interests of retired members within the union.

✶      To represent the interests of retired union members within the wider union and pensioner movements.

✶      To provide a forum within the union for retired members to come together to consider and debate matters of mutual interest.

✶      To provide a resource of collective memory, advice and expertise in support of the union, in particular to those still in active employment.

✶ To provide active support, where appropriate, by involving the broadest section of the branch in support of the wider interests of the union and its members, including support for those still in active employment.

What we do:

The branch has been underway since 2009 and has over 300 members. The aims are diverse, but include bringing together retired members of UCU in the East Midlands, giving advice to branches on pension and retired members’ matters, campaigning on issues relating to retired members and representation to the UCU national congress, National Pensioners Convention, Local TUCs. If you previously worked outside the East Midlands, but lived or now live in the East Midlands please join our branch.

Meetings: We hold meetings three times a year, in places of interest to make part of a day and lunch out. The meetings centre round important issues for UCU pensioners and give a chance to chat to other retired members.

Newsletter: A termly newsletter with useful articles for retired UCU members is sent to all branch members for whom we have email addresses and to UCU branch secretaries in the East Midlands.

Email addresses: We encourage retired members to use their home email for when you give up your work email address. Please let us have your email address and also changes to your email address.

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